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List of accepted categories
PS: If your activity or expertise is not on this list and your services can be offered to companies, you can contact us to add it to the list.

Voip integration and installation,
Call centers, telemarketers, Virtual assistants,
Business Centers, Coworking Spaces, Virtual Offices,
Webmaster, web developer, SEO Expert, Digital marketing,
Editors and translators of web content,

Infographics, Business videos, Youtubers,
Accountants, Tax Lawyers, Financial services, Legal Documents,
Business creation, Business consulting,
Professional training, Management of servers, 
IT maintenance, Real estate for professional,
Coaching for professionals...

The sale of your services or products

In order to offer your services, products or expertise on our website you simply have to register as a supplier by filling in the form available here. As soon as your account is checked and activated, you can start selling your services on our site. From your supplier interface, you can publish and manage your offers. Our team will check the content of your offers before they are published on the site. You can also leave us the responsibility of publishing for you (you have to send us photos, descriptions, prices, etc.)

Orders and payment

Each time a customer makes a purchase of your service, you will receive a notification of purchase by e-mail, including customer information and service. If your offer requires a quote, you will receive the request for a quotation from the customer. You can receive payments by: PayPal, Skrill / Moneybookers, Credit card or bank transfer.

Commissions on sales

During the registration process, you can determine a fixed amount or percentage that you want to pay to Hivoox for each sale made or request for quote received.
If you have any questions or concerns about this service, you can leave your comments on this page or read the Frequently Asked Questions about this service.

Our company

Founded by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the information technology and telecommunications, Hivoox Telecom is a voip service provider that offers services to businesses around the world.