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Do you have friends, family, partners or business in Israel and are you looking for an easy way to communicate with them? We recommend our Israel mobile number service, which is a number that allows you to make, receive calls and SMS as if you were present in Israel. Calls can be made and received through a sip terminal and the SMS received at your email address. When calling this mobile number, the person residing in Israel will pay the price of a local call or SMS and you will only pay the monthly fee, regardless of the number of…
Last modified on Saturday, 3 June of 2017
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Bria iPhone Edition is an SIP-based softphone for the iPhone and iPod touch – brought by CounterPath Corporation, the market leader of desktop and mobile VoIP softphones. Standard Phone Features Multiple account support for up to 25 sip accounts. Contact list from the phone contact directory.Call display and voicemail indicator.Speakerphone, mute and hold functions.Call history with a list of received, missed and dialed calls.Call recording.Ringtones and contact avatars.Dial plan support.Multiple call support – swap between two active calls, merge and split calls, transfer calls (attended and unattended).Audio codecs include G.711a/u, G.722(HD), GSM, OPUS and SILK.Automatic codec selection to ensure optimal…
Last modified on Tuesday, 9 May of 2017

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